Message from the Chairman

My expectations for Echad is to see men and women grow professionally and in their business as they use Echad platform to build wealth for their children’s’ children. I want us to leverage our unity of purpose and diversity to build a legacy business.
My dream is to see Echad on the map in the continent and to steer her to become the biggest force in fighting the five 21st century giants, Poverty, Diseases, ego centric leadership, corruption and illiteracy.
My ambition is to see Echad members acquiring homes, real estate and earning a decent future for their children. I desire to see cohesion amongst all members, unity of purpose, a strong family that seeks the best for each other, a people that lives by a golden rule, a generation that fears God, always submitting to His leading and rulership.
Echad, we are empowered to empower!!!

Echad , a Hebrew word meaning ‘unity’ or ‘Unity of purpose’ is a befitting for what more than 100 businessmen and women and professionals have come together to do , Pooling resources together to build generational wealth for themselves , their children and community.

Our desire is to transform nations and build strong network for business and professional success. We believe in family values, Strength through diversity and professionalism.

Our journey of becoming the most vibrant investment company in Real estate, agribusiness and stocks started in August 2014, when we decided to take advantage of an already unified network to build a sustainable wealth creating platform. The first members were my close friends and we agreed to call ourselves “Marafiki”

Our first meeting, had 20 out 21 people signed up to be members of Marafiki. In our second meeting 37 out 37 people signed up and currently we are over 100 Members already signed up contributing monthly subscriptions and we are set to grow even further.

It has been a thrilling journey, lots of remarkable business lessons, that I would never have learnt in business school but more importantly it has been joy and honor to know and lead one of the most resourceful team. view profile


Contact Info

  • Echad Investment Company Limited, Monrovia Street, Hazina Towers, 14th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • +254 717 142 085/ 715 364 036
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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