Why invest in Real Estate?

  • Africa population has been growing at are of 2- 7% creating very high demand for properties.
  • The Kenyan real estate sector has been booming for the past decade or so, lifting most investors in the sector to the millionaire class.
  • Higher purchasing power has lead to an increase of the Kenyan property market by 25%, including increases in commercial and residential real estate.

Echad mission is to tap to this growing industry to empowering her members.

real estate

Some of the Echad Real Estates include:

  • Kibwezi Offers
  • Ewaso Offers
  • Kajiado Pipeline
  • Naivasha
  • Laikipia

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Contact Info

  • Echad Investment Company Limited, Monrovia Street, Hazina Towers, 14th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • +254 717 142 085/ 715 364 036
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